My children have crazy hair. It is straight in the front and on the sides. In the back, it is coarse and curly. Like many children, they wake up with a nest on the back of their head every morning. However, due to the texture of their hair in the back, which is very similar to my husband’s hair, it does not comb out without a HUGE tantrum-and-tear-inducing fight. We finally found a detangler that we liked, only to have it discontinued less than a year later. Being me, I looked up the ingredients that were in it, and compared it to other detanglers that we had tried. Eventually, I created this recipe for DIY Dry Hair Detangler to lessen our struggle.

The vinegar seems like a strange ingredient, however the slight acidity smooths the hair shaft, making the hair less prone to snagging. This makes for many fewer tears at our house. In fact, in a pinch, you can just add vinegar to water and use it. It will get the job done. Argan oil adds some moisture; as my older daughter has entered her teens, we have reduced the amount of oil we used in the recipe (12 drops instead of 18). For my younger daughter, who has very dry hair, we use 18 drops of oil. Castor oil adds shine. The optional ingredients mainly add a silky appearance and feel to the hair. They aren’t necessary at all, but they do make the final product feel more like commercial detanglers. Most likely, you will have to order these two ingredients online. I get my argan oil, castor oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and liquid silk from The Sage. (I don’t get anything for referring you. I’m just trying to make your life easier.)

Finally, we have found that, along with the a hair pick, Goody makes a line of Ouchless brushes that we use with our detangler to make our lives much easier.

DIY Hair Detangler

4 oz water
2 oz white vinegar
12-18 drops argan oil (or other light easily absorbed oil such as fractionated coconut, almond, canola, or light olive oil)
10 drops castor oil

Optional: 10 drops hydrolyzed wheat protein
10 drops liquid silk

Mix all together and shake well before using.