A Little Local Love

A Little Local Love

I came across two fun new favorites this week, a song and a book series, and they both turned out to be created by local Utahns. So this is a highlight showing a little local love.

The first new favorite was introduced to us by the Halloween house down the street. It plays music in time with holiday lights and scenes. He has a scene of a bride and groom zombie set to a fabulous zombie love song. You can hear it and watch it’s delightful animation, created by the song-writer’s 14-year-old niece, here: The Zombie Song. Her website, StephanieMabey.com, has all of her other music, including a free download of the zombie song!


My other newly discovered favorite thing is a book by Charlie N. Holmberg, called The Paper Magician. I picked it up at the library, and I could barely put it down. Even better was that I still liked it after I finished it, and I wanted more! Do you know the feeling? Good books create an alternate world that I want to keep living. I don’t want to leave the characters; I want to keep watching them grow. This was one of those books.

Holmberg has created a whimsical world of magic set in the early 1900’s. Her particularly unique twist is that magic is available to everyone, but with limits. Attending magical college is very expensive, and even then, magicians have only one man-made material they will work with, such as paper, metal, or plastic. Of course, there are evil magicians which is what leads us to our main conflict. Seriously, I haven’t read such a well-written (and well-edited) book with a decent plot in a long time. There is humor, deep emotion, fantasy, and a hint of romance. I’ll just let you read the rest.

The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg Cover

What made me even more happy is that it is part of a trilogy that has been completely published already! (Anyone else tired of book series that consume years of our lives? Hand raised here.) I was put-off by the 36 holds ahead of me in the library system to get the second book, so I just ordered all three books for my personal library. I am re-reading the first one until they get here. I liked it that much.

The entire series and the author’s other work can be viewed on her website, CharlieNHolmberg.com. If you are going to order any of her books from amazon, use the links from her website!

Happy reading & listening

Make Art

Make Art

When I have a little spare time (ha ha) my latest hobby is making encaustic collages. The beeswax over the top gives is what causes the translucency of the layers and what gives them that aged depth that I like. My favorites use vintage images that are nearly 100 years old now. While many of the collages I make are person specific because I make them as gifts, I have a few now that could apply to many people out there – at least anyone with a tiny bit of fun in their soul – and I thought I would share them here.