Clean (almost) Everything with Vinegar

Since I am using Vinegar so often in my cleaning now, I picked up a box at Costco the last time I was there. It had a box of uses printed on the side, some of which I had never read before. So here they are, straight from the manufacturer, 20 ways to use Vinegar. […]

DIY Hard Water Laundry Detergent

I started making my own laundry detergent about 6 months ago after seeing several recipes on Pinterest and it has been a journey. If you have made homemade detergent before, you know that it isn’t as pretty as the store-bought kind. Actually, it’s pretty ugly. It separates. It has lumps. It changes color. Some of […]

DIY Hard Water Cleaner

I came across this recipe on Pinterest a month ago & gave it a try. It worked, but not quite as magically or quickly as I had hoped. Also it made suds F.O.R.E.V.E.R. when rinsing. It worked better than any cleaner I have used on the soap scum, the tub and the chrome, but I still had […]

Make Art

When I have a little spare time (ha ha) my latest hobby is making encaustic collages. The beeswax over the top gives is what causes the translucency of the layers and what gives them that aged depth that I like. My favorites use vintage images that are nearly 100 years old now. While many of […]

Make Spinach Garlic Soup

Our weather at the end of last week was very reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest and made me think of fresh clam chowder. However, since FRESH clams are not a common item at my house, and since fresh is the only way to eat clam chowder, and since I don’t really want to chop up […]

Miso soup

Dinner today only used a few items from our produce box, but it was my first attempt at one of my daughter’s favorites – Miso soup. (“What 9-year-old lists Miso soup as a favorite food?” you ask. Well, mine. She also likes MASH & Mr. Bean, what can I say?) So this is the basic […]