California Beans & Rice

California Beans & Rice is a great recipe for hot summer days when you just don’t want to heat up the house with the oven. Depending on what is most readily available and affordable, you can use more avocados or tomatoes depending on what is on sale and most readily available. A little shredded chicken also goes well in this […]

Zucchini Bread

You know how it works: you plant zucchini, a single zucchini plant, in your garden, and dutifully eat it in many meals and side dishes from mid-summer on, you share it with all your garden-free neighbors, and finally you can’t handle any more of it in a recognizable form. It’s the time of year to start […]

Kale Chips

When I first saw the recipe for Kale Chips, I immediately skipped over it because, I admit it, green chips don’t seem that appetizing at first glance. However, a friend recently commented on how tasty kale chips are, so I overcame my reservations, dug out the recipe and gave them a try. Guess what? My […]

Gran’s Spinach Casserole

This was my Granny’s go-to recipe, the one that came with her to all the family gatherings. Other people have Green Bean Casserole at Thanksgiving & Easter; we have Gran’s Spinach. As children, many of us skipped this dish, but eventually we all came to love it. The cream cheese and sour cream combine with the bacon […]

Winter Squash Casserole

I must have been in a generous (and adventurous) mood when I first tried this recipe, because Winter Squash Casserole is a little more adventurous than I usually am. However, the entire family liked it – even the previously winter-squash-and-green-pepper-hating ME. It was simple to prepare, and, surprisingly, the only complaint was that we wanted […]

Johnny Carino’s Italian Wedge Salad

Johnny Carino’s is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. The really strange thing is that my favorite thing there is a salad (?!?!?), specifically, I LOVE Johnny Carino’s Italian Wedge Salad. It has the most amazing blend of contrasting tastes – tangy sweet apples and candied pecans contrast offset the bitter cheese and salty bacon. […]

Spinach Feta Empanadas

This recipe for Spinach Feta Empanadas originally comes from the Food Network. The pastry dough is a little different than usual, but let me tell you, it makes all the difference! I tried making these using my regular pie dough instead, and the results were good. The cream cheese dough, however, makes them amazing! To add a […]

DIY Pillow Spray

A friend sent me a note recently asking if I had a recipe for DIY Pillow Spray to help her fall asleep more easily. She often has issues with mind-chatter at night. I can relate, often having the same problem when my brain just won’t shut off despite the fact that the rest of me is so tired! Usually, […]

DIY Glass & Surface Cleaner

Not too long ago I decided that there had to be a good DIY Glass & Surface Cleaner recipe out there that was simple to make, worked better than the blue stuff (so many DIY recipes are better), and didn’t use ammonia. Often, I can use just water & a microfiber cloth, but when I have […]