Are you striving to maintain a greater sense of balance?

Do you struggle to find freedom from negative thoughts?

Are you seeking for greater health through holistic living?

Do you wish to live with more intention?

Sego Lily Sole Foot Zoning exists to help you achieve greater vitality through whole living.

The Sego Lily


The Sego Lily is is one of the most striking early-blooming flowers of the semi-desert of the western United States. It not only grows, but thrives in dry, sandy soils among sagebrush and pine. In addition to its natural beauty, the Native Americans had culinary uses for many parts of the plant; when the Mormon Pioneers first came to Utah, the Native Americans taught them to use the bulbs for badly needed food. This history led to the plant to be designated as the state flower.

We gain inspiration and hope from this plant, which both flourishes and nourishes within a harsh environment.

What is Foot Zoning?


Foot Zone Therapy is based on the belief that, when it is in balance, the body can heal itself. Similar healing methods, such as acupressure and reflexology, have been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. Like these other methods, Zone Therapy works by activating a set of signals on the feet to send messages to corresponding parts of the body. Foot zoning is unique from other therapies, however, in that every session covers the full set of signals to promote balance and renewal throughout the entire body, mind, and spirit.

Experiencing a Foot Zone is much like having a massage; some discomfort may be present in areas of imbalance, but overall it is a relaxing experience designed to promote the release of tension. Common benefits of a Zone include improvements in circulation, immune function, digestion, and energy levels. Following a Foot Zone you may experience improvements in sleep patterns, inflammation levels, hormone balance, and stress management. This healing therapy is beneficial for people of all ages and degrees of health. Through the use of this therapy, greater health and vitality can be yours!

Natural Products


I started making my own soap, skincare, and cleaning products because I wanted simple, affordable products that were safe for my health. I found that after making my own soap, not only did my skin improve, but I enjoyed making it.  Using my handmade soap each morning became a special moment for me to nourish and ground myself at the start of each day.

When my friend, Jill, opened The Original Oil Shop in downtown Salt Lake City, one of the first products she wanted to include in her store was natural soap made with quality essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. She called me, and we both agreed that this partnership could be beneficial for everyone involved.  Because of this,  my soap – made locally in small batches with natural ingredients and essential oils – is now available for purchase through her store, or by contacting me directly.

If you are looking for simple steps toward healthier living, or if you just need a moment of rejuvenation and pampering, contact me today.

The Lymphatic System

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